How does a Town become a Ghost Town ?

That was the question I was asked when I presented recently on ABC Nightline, the national radio programme in Australia. I was invited onto the programme because of my E Book and workshop entitled “Ghost Town ,Clone Town, Home Town”. As a business consultant I define a “Ghost Town” as a community where at least 20% of...
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What is your Story ?

If you look at the research coming out, it indicates that consumers are going to be spending less and looking for a discount. Put this together with the “fear” of crowds and social distancing practices and the result is fewer customers spending less money, not a formulae for success. What is retailer supposed to do? This is not...
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Retailing Post COVID 19

Retailing has never changed so rapidly as it has in 2020.Prior to 2020 I was presenting “Ghost Town, Clone Town, Home Town” workshops for small communities around the world. The emphasis of the workshops was that there were three types of communities and that success meant you had to be a “Home Town” to engage...
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