Close Down that Indoor Plant Department

By John Stanley Retailers over the last few years have found it difficult to justify the amount of space required by house plants to get a good return on their investment. The logical conclusion is to close down the department and use the space more adventurously. This is what leading edge garden centers are...
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Zones in Your Library

By Fiona Emberton and John Stanley This article discusses the various zones you can create in your library, paying attention to the particular needs of differing demographic client groups. It outlines how retailers deal with this and suggests techniques libraries can adopt. Do you ever feel really uncomfortable in a certain music or clothes...
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Cook Up a Storm

By John Stanley Peter Thomson of Garson Farm has a policy of cooking beetroot every morning, prior to opening the farm shop. The aroma is the equivalent of the aroma of bread in a supermarket. Aroma is the most memorable of the senses and something we should consider when developing a farm shop. Some...
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