Eataly World

One of the challenges is keeping up with trends…a recent trends worth following are Fico Eataly World, Bologna, Italy. Many of you will know I am a great fan of this retailer, Eataly, they provide an excellent experience. Now they have created the Disney of Food theme parks in Bologna. This could be one of the destinations...
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Tasty One Top

Launched in November 2017, this could be a game changer. BuzzFeed and GE have developed a smart cooking appliance that retails for $149 US. The cooker is Bluetooth enabled and the consumer downloads the Tasty mobile app and gets video downloads of recipes that sync with the cooker and auto adjust the temperature as...
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Adaptogens…watch out for this craze

We have seen the increasing interest in herbs, edible weeds and herbal teas. I believe the next wave of interest will be around Adaptogens, plants that are believed to reduce stress. The key plants to look out for are:
  • Rhodiola rosea. ..a perennial from the Arctic
  • Widania somnifera… a member of Solanaceae that also goes under the name...
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