Florists need to reinvent themselves

There have been a number of articles about the demise of the florist in recent weeks. Florists seem to be hit by the changes that are taking place in retailing and those that have stuck to the old model have seen a decline in sales. Those that reinvent themselves are finding a new market.

An example of this is a florist close to my home town, Fleurs of Bunbury, they made a decision they had to be famous for something in their consumer’s mind.

It developed a recycling initiative.

Owners Diane Giesler and Alison Catelan have introduced sustainable practices into their business.

They use recyclable materials with arrangements, especially in the wrapping presentation. This includes reusable glasses and brown paper which enhances the natural look of the flowers.

Recently they have become a collection point for Nespresso capsules which can, if collected, be recyclable.

They promote they are a collection point for the capsules and fill the boxes with capsules in three weeks.

This means they have become a destination in the consumer’s mind and when there they purchase flowers.

This is a great example of what a small business can do to reinvent themselves.

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