Marketing 2016…On Your Bike

Marketing continues to get more complicated as new social media marketing tools continue to be developed and the consumer becomes more acquainted and confident with social media. The challenge for many business owners is to keep up with a more demanding consumer, the answer may be to go back to basics and get “on your bike” to quote the old English saying.

Whilst marketing your business is becoming more sophisticated, the simple ways and techniques of marketing from the past can still apply.

Historically, the bike was used as a means of transport to get to work and the shops, plus get products to the customer. It has also been used as a promotional tool to advertise a business. It then lost favour as the motor car became the means of transport.

Now, more and more urban travellers are choosing to use the bike as a means of transport. That is a marketing opportunity for any urban businesses.

Your Marketing Could Buzz

In 2016 in London, UK, Buzzbike will launch later this year. Members of the public will be able to obtain a £700 bike for a free lease. The company does not charge for the lease of the bike, but the bikes rear mud guard is used by local business as a roving advertising billboard. The first 200 bikes will start to be used in September.

Potential users can go to the website and pay a £100 deposit and must use the bike at least 12 times a month and they must lock the bike up when not in use. A Bluetooth beacon is fitted to the bike to enable the lessor to know where the bike is at all times.

For those worried about getting a puncture, the bikes come with puncture resisted tyres and hence maintenance is minimalised. Users who do not use the bike to promote have their bikes removed and the lease ends when the advertising campaign finishes. A new contract can then be negotiated with the company. The bike can now be used as a planned marketing campaign for your business.

Now you need to deliver the product

The challenge is how to get the product to the consumer in the most efficient way. TringTring have the answer. If your business is located in Holland the land of the bike and you are a retailer or small businesses, you can contact TringTring.

A cyclist arrives at your business on a bike and delivers to the consumer’s home in the city within a guaranteed of 60-minutes delivery time.

TringTring promotes itself to local businesses and also promotes it service to consumers as a clean and sustainable delivery system, both parties win.

As marketing becomes more sophisticated, some of the simple techniques are still worth considering. It may be time to “get on your bike”.

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