What’s for lunch?

The “Waitrose Food and Drink Report” was released in early November. This indicated that 50% of consumers decided at lunchtime on what they would have for an evening meal and 1 in 10 made the decision just before the meal.

Many consumers were claiming that this helped them reduce food waste at home. This trend has two major influences:

  1. There is a huge opportunity to promote meals rather than produce, especially with promotions such as “What’s for Lunch “ or “What’s for Dinner” and then offering the package.
  2. In my early books I promoted that Big Trolleys or baskets made you more money. That is now “old news” consumers want smaller trolleys as they are buying less on each visit.A few years ago Waitrose worked on 200 big trolleys to every 150 shallow trolleys. Now they work on a ratio or 70 big trolleys to 250 shallow trolleys.

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